Pension Credit changes

Think you might be entitled to Pension Credit – the benefit that tops up your pension?

Pension Credits: important changes

Is your spouse or partner under 65?

If you answered yes to both of these questions you need to apply for Pension Credit now – and certainly before May 15.

After May 15 if you make a claim for Pension Credit to top up your pension and your partner is under 65 then you will automatically move on to Universal Credit.  And you will be worse off.

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Here we answer some questions on what’s happening to Pension Credit:

  • How does it work at the moment?

At the moment, if you are over 65 and part of a couple, you can claim Pension Credit regardless of the other person’s age.

  • What’s changing?

From 15 May, both people in a couple need to be over 65 in order for one person to start claiming Pension Credit.

  • Who is entitled to Pension Credit?

Older people can apply for Pension Credit to top up their pension. It gives a guaranteed minimum income to those over the state pension age – 65 for men and women.

  • Will I be worse off if I claim Pension Credit but move on to Universal Credit?


  • If I already claim Pension Credit and my partner is under 65 what will happen?

You won’t be affected. You’ll carry on receiving Pension Credit for as long as you're eligible.

  • I think I may be entitled to Pension Credit, what should I do?

Come and talk to us straight way. We can help. If you think you might be affected – or if you know a family member or a neighbour or a friend – come and talk to us straight away.

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