Rent comes first

We understand it’s a really challenging time for everyone. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

If you are worried about rent, let's talk.

The sooner you speak to us the quicker we can help you.

We are supporting many tenants to get back on track with their rent – and we have a wide range of ways we can help you.

You can text, email, use your WLHP account or call us on 01506 416 438.

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MySavings - costing you less, every day.

Fuel advice

Are you paying too much for your electricity and gas? Our fuel team can help.


Are you struggling to put food on the table? Get in touch today.

Universal Credit - How we can help you

Universal Credit - Find out we can help tenants who move on to Universal Credit.

Welfare benefits – we can help

We have a range of great support services to help tenants who are struggling.

Pay rent

We know money is tight – but paying your rent should be No.1 on your list. It keeps the roof over your head. Set up a Direct Debit today.