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We have homes in communities across West Lothian.

Where we have homes

West Lothian

AreaNumber of homesDescriptionSizeNumber of people
Butteries View, Armadale81 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Butteries View, Armadale152 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Butteries View, Armadale43 bedroom general needs4 apts5
Woodhead Grove, Armadale21 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Woodhead Grove, Armadale22 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Belvedere Place, Bathgate81 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Belvedere Place, Bathgate152 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Belvedere Place, Bathgate23 bedroom general needs4 apts4
Castle Place, Bathgate171 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Castle Place, Bathgate62 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Castle Place, Bathgate12 bedroom wheelchair accessible2 apts2
Mill Court, Bathgate161 bedroom general needs2 apts1
Mill Court, Bathgate11 bedroom wheelchair accessible2 apts1
Mill Court, Bathgate82 bedroom general needs3 apts2
Waverley Place, Bathgate161 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Waverley Place, Bathgate82 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Pyothall Court, Broxburn111 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Pyothall Court, Broxburn11 bedroom wheelchair accessible2 apts2
Pyothall Court, Broxburn132 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Pyothall Court, Broxburn43 bedroom general needs3 apts4
Ennis Court, Polbeth111 bedroom general needs2 apts2
Ennis Court, Polbeth142 bedroom general needs3 apts3-4


AreaNumber of homesDescriptionSizeNumber of people
Chestnut Grove12 bedroom general needs3 apts3
Philpingstone Road11 bedroom general needs2 apts2

WLHP being a part of Wheatley Group gives you more choice than ever before. You can note an interest in homes in other parts of the Group, including GHACube Housing Association, Loretto Housing Association and Dunedin Canmore, through our new housing information, advice and letting service, MyHousing.

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