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Are you looking to rent a home with WLHP or wanting expert housing advice?

MyHousing is the new online housing information, advice and letting service from our parent company, Wheatley Group.

You'll get personalised and honest advice to help you make the right choices about housing.

You'll discover if you have priority for social housing with us – or if you should consider other options, including mid-market homes from Lowther Homes.

You'll also find available homes for rent for the Group's housing associations: WLHP, Wheatley Homes GlasgowDunedin Canmore, and Loretto Housing

As it's online, it means customers can use the site 24/7. Click on MyHousing website to get started today.


We are continuing to prioritise letting homes to people most in need, including the homeless, those living in overcrowded conditions and people who need an adapted property.

As in previous years, there will be a break over the festive period from our usual cycle of advertising new homes.

But our online housing application system, MyHousing, will still be available to customers to apply online, update their applications and note interest in available properties. Homes advertised up to 24 December will stay live until 7:59am on 8 January, 2021. Go to

Noting an interest in homes

Available homes will be advertised on the MyHousing website twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday.

Each home will be advertised for a specific priority band. This is to ensure that each band gets an agreed share of the available homes.

You can note interest in three homes in each round of adverts.

You should note an interest in any home advertised for your priority band which suits you and your household.

It’s easy to note an interest and you have three days to do so from the day the home is advertised.

Successful notes of interest 

If you are successful, you will be contacted by the housing officer within 72 hours of the advert closing.

You will be given a chance to view the home within two days. You can then let us know if you want to sign up.

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