Five star award for WLHP

WLHP communities have been given a five-star award by environmental experts at Keep Scotland Beautiful

WLHP got a five star award from environmenmtal experts at Keep Scotland Beautiful

They carried out an inspection of back courts and front gardens, the condition of foyers, landings and landings and entrances to buildings and the involvement of tenants.

And inspectors were so impressed they gave WLHP five stars – the highest grading possible.

Keep Scotland Beautiful has its own prestigious National Award for Environmental Excellence and has been working with staff and tenants across Wheatley, including WLHP, to improve communities.

Their experts looked at Gowanlea Court, Leyland Road and Bridgend Court.

They were particularly impressed by the appearance of buildings inside and out, the cleanliness and look of back courts and green space, and high levels of maintenance and attention to detail.

They also highlighted excellent recycling facilities and good engagement with customers.

Pete Leonard, Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Operations Director, said: “We are delighted with the high standards demonstrated by WLHP to address local environmental impact.

“We know that clean green spaces and living environments have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people

“The work done by WLHP’s environmental team has resulted in a merited five-star rating.”

Tenant Jean Houston, from West Calder, said the team’s work helps improve the whole area.

Jean said: “The work the WLHP environmental team does in cutting the grass, keeping the area clean and tidy is much appreciated.

“The stairs are cleaned on a regular basis, and the raised flower beds look great too.

“It all adds to the ambience of the area.”

Alex Lamb, WLHP’s Head of Housing, said: “This award from Keep Scotland Beautiful reflects the excellent joint working between the housing and environmental teams at WLHP.

“WLHP scored the highest rating of all the partners in Wheatley at the time – and that’s a wonderful achievement for a service that is relatively new to the area.

“It’s an important recognition of the tireless work our guys do to make our communities great.”

Thursday, February 21, 2019